Master Inservice Program

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    Barry Morris, Ph.D., Inservice Officer                                                                     

    1-877-765-1116 Phone / Fax 877-765-9116                                      2010-2011 Master Inservice Program Registration Form

    Educational Enterprises                                                                                                  

    P.O. Box 100

   Collins, MS  39428  

   Email:                                                  EARN CEUs ONLINE with

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Master Inservice Online - Instructions - Webfile)

Master Inservice Online - Instructions   Word Doc

Master Inservice Program Brochure

MIP Manual for Administrators

Florida Teacher Certification Instructions

IACCS-FACCS Certification Manual

Component Listing

PECD Frequently Asked Questions

PECD Manual

PECD Administrator Verification Sheet

Clinical Educ. Summative Checklist