CEUs ONLINE Companion Video Library

1. Should Children See It?
Answer the question in the title.

2.   Harry Potter: The Enemy of Family Values? Answer the question found in the title.

3.   Christopher Columbus: Feet of Gold or Feet of Clay?
Essay Pk Two #2 - Answer question in the title

4.   Puritan Literature - Getting Kids Ready for a Joyful Death
Compare and contrast Puritan literature with the literature of John Newbery.

5.   Children in the 1700s and 1800s - The Kids Take Over Literature
Explain why Puritans described fairy tales as dangerous corrupting influences.

6. I Fell Through the Rabbit Hole - Lewis Carroll Explain why Carroll was in trouble with the royal family when he published this book.

7.   Points of View - Gary Paulson - The Monument Watch the video. Write a story from the same point of view as The Monument - is it omniscient or first person?

8.   The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round Write a pattern book with a child.

9.   The True Story of the Three Little Pigs Fractured Fairy Tales 
Select a story and rewrite from the point of view of the villain.

10.   Leo Lionni - Mr. McMouse and Other Grand Tales
Find out more about the life of Leo Lionni. Report what you found.

11.   Jill Krementz - Children Who Are Ill
After watching the film, write a story that would encourage  a child with a serious disesase.

12.   Rough Faced Girl - Native American Cinderella
Select a culture and write a Cinderella story in that culture.

13.   My Side of The Mountain - The Story of A Runaway
Do you agree with parents who believe this story should be banned. Why?

14.   The Jabberwock  and the Vorpal Sword- Lewis Carroll 
Retell the story of Jabberwocky.

15.   Where the Wild Things Are  
This story has been banned by some parent groups as being too violent?  What do you think?


16.   Smokey Night  
Smokey Night allows the suburban and rural child to take a glimpse into the experience of children in the inner city.  What do you think?

17.   Riding the Polar Bear Express 
Compare the book to the movie. Ask a child to help you if possible.

18.   Kangaroo 
Write a big book that a younger child would enjoy. If possible, have a child help you.

19.   Historical Fiction 
Write a story for children that is based on fact but has elements of historical fiction in it.

20.   Finding Neo  
Explain the Matrix to me. I don't get it.  Too confusing for a mere mortal.

21.   Doctor Seuss  
Looking at Seuss' books, are there reasons why he should be banned?

22.   Davy Crockett: King of the Wild Frontier  History has provided more information on Davy's life.  If it is true that Davy Crockett died as a prisoner of war after the battle of the Alamo, does this change how we tell Davy's story?

23.   Boys Vs. Girls  
Would you use this book with children?

24.   Judy Blume - My Friend Ralph 
React to the video.  What do you think of Blume and this book?

25.   Scary Stories!!!
 After watching the video, tell me how you would use scary stories with children?

26.   Bored...     
React to the information on the video.

27.   Don't Fence Me In  
You will find the discussion rather different. React to the conclusions made.

28.   More Scary Stories!!!  
Complete the activity discussed in the video.

29.   Who Was That Masked Man?  
Consider the discussion and complete the activity/essay at the end of the video.

30.   Poor Red Balloon  
This is a very different story.  Consider the video's discussion and complete the activity/essay.

31.Sock Puppet Vs. Lamb Chop 
Build a puppet